Dentist Walnut Creek A Healthy Holiday Smile

Provider of Dental Implants in Walnut Creek on Holiday Oral Health

Every year it seems the holidays take forever to get here…and then when they arrive, they are gone just as quickly. Of course, with all of the gift wrapping, party attending and more that you will be doing- your top provider of dental implants in Walnut Creek knows that your oral health won’t necessarily be the top priority or thing on your mind right now.


To help keep your smile on the “nice” and not “naughty” list this year, as well as to help you usher in 2016 with a smile you love- we wanted to provide some holiday tips and tricks for keeping your teeth in check today.


1.       Pass on chewy treats- from bowls of candy put out at the office to treats left in your stocking, the stickier the treat, the worse it can be for your teeth. Not only can these sugary treats attach themselves to your teeth and result in possible decay, but larger ones have even been known to pull out fillings or damage dental appliances!


2.       Don’t open presents with your teeth- we know that you are excited about the new toy you just unwrapped, but using a scissor or proper tool to open any packaging is essential. Even what seems like soft plastic can crack the teeth, which can require a New Year crown, root canal or worse.


3.       You are not the nutcracker- as mentioned above, the teeth can be put in harm’s way by hardened surfaces this time of year, especially while chomping down. This includes hard candies, ice cubes and the shells of nuts. Leave the nut cracking to your toy soldier to save your smile from harm.


4.       Say “No” to nail biting- we all get a little stressed and anxious around the holidays, it is fairly normal. Try not to turn to stress-relieving habits like nail biting during this time to avoid potential damage of the teeth and the spread of germs/bacteria from hand to mouth, or vice versa.


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Thank you in advance and enjoy your holidays!