Dentist Walnut Creek Covid-19 Protocols

Covid Protocols at our Cosmetic Dentistry in Walnut Creek, CA

As always, the office follows standard OSHA protocols in terms of disinfection and prevention of cross contamination for each operatories in between patients.


All staff members/dentists are wearing masks throughout the day, and have their temperatures checked every day.  


We have also decreased the number of patients we are scheduling at the time to eliminate wait time.  Hygiene schedules have been cut back to reduce traffic within the office, please contact the office for further information.


All patients are provided hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the office.

Non-patients or companions are to wait inside the car.  Patients are brought back into the dental operatory almost immediately after checking in.


Patients are instructed to keep their masks on at all times in the office unless instructed by the staff member to remove them when procedures are ready to start.


Front waiting areas are restricted to no more than 2 people at a time, and if there is a line - people are instructed to wait outside in the hallway with proper social distance until being called on.


Air purifiers are set up throughout the office.


HOCL (hypochlorous acid) cold fogger are used to fog the entire office down once in the morning and at the end of the day.


Sneeze guards have been setup in the reception/consultation area.


All countertop/and doorknobs are disinfected and wiped throughout the day.


All doors are propped open to eliminate the need for anyone to use the doorknob.


There is one designated entrance and one designated exit to minimize cross traffic.