Dentist Walnut Creek Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Are Walnut Creek Dental Implants Right for Me?

Tooth loss often occurs naturally due to aging, but there are some simple ways to repair your smile with restorative dentistry! Walnut Creek dental implants look and function just like natural teeth, and we recommend them as the most effective way to repair a smile. Dental implants are excellent for almost any smile, so keep reading to find out if they would be the right option for you!
Who is eligible for dental implants?
Walnut Creek dental implants are great for almost every smile, but there may be some factors that could affect the success of an implant. Patients who frequently use tobacco products will not be able to support a dental implant because their gum health is compromised and may lead to infection. Some chronic illnesses can also disqualify your smile from being able to support dental implants. Any condition that affects your bone density or gum health could have an impact on the success of a dental implant. Pregnancy, diabetes, heart conditions, and osteoporosis may all disqualify a person from being able to get Walnut Creek dental implants. A compromised jaw bone or unhealthy gum tissue may not be able to sustain dental implants, so alternative restorative dental treatments may have to be taken under consideration.
How much do implants cost?
The cost of dental implants depends on your unique smile needs. This is a permanent change to your smile, so it will be quite the investment. A dental implant needs to be inserted into the smile in a series of visits. This is because a smile needs to be totally healthy before the implant can be placed, and the implant is completed in phases. After your smile has been deemed healthy enough to support an implant, you will likely require two more visits to complete the process. A titanium screw is inserted directly into the jaw, and that that area needs to heal completely before the porcelain crown can be attached. Some patients require bone grafting or gum grafting before receiving their implant, which could make their treatment time longer. To find out how much your Walnut Creek dental implant will cost, a consultation with our team will need to be completed so that you can receive an accurate quote.
Why are dental implants considered the best option?
Dental implants are typically regarded as the best restorative treatment because they can provide the most natural-looking and functioning tooth replacement. Dental implants are virtually identical to natural teeth, and they can be custom created to match your smile exactly. That means that you'll never need to remove them for cleaning, and they can even improve daily functions like chewing and speaking. Implants never need to be replaced or repaired, so you can trust that an implant will get you the strong and healthy smile you deserve. Other restorative treatments may not be as convenient, but they have their own advantages. Implants can be quite the financial investment, while other restorative dental treatments may be more affordable. Our team is highly skilled in restorative dentistry, so we are able to help you achieve a beautiful and functional smile using the right treatment for your unique smile needs.
To learn more about Walnut Creek dental implants, schedule a smile consultation today! Our team can help you design the best treatment plan for your smile. You can reach our office by calling (925) 937-9017 or by filling out a contact request form directly on our site.