Dentist Walnut Creek Avoid Teeth Staining Food & Drink

Avoid a Sticky, Stained Smile with Our Walnut Creek Dentists

Over time tooth enamel breaks down, allowing certain foods with specific elements to seep in and change the color of your teeth. Keep your smile bright and shiny with regular teeth cleanings and whitening procedures. 
Avoiding certain foods, if possible, can also help in slowing down the staining of teeth and reduce the number of teeth whitening sessions you may need over a lifetime.

In-Office Teeth Whitening: Most Effective Option

Many of the teeth whitening kits you see in the stores do not get the job done if your favorite foods are highly acidic or contain tannins. Seeking professional-grade teeth whitening is the most efficient option and will save you money and frustration in the long run. Reducing or eliminating certain foods from your diet can help your teeth in the long-term before and after whitening sessions.
Avoid these foods and drinks to curb tooth stains:
Dark colored fruits
Wine (red and white!)
Citrus fruits
Soy Sauce

Teeth Whitening and Regular Cleanings Reduces Damage

Let’s face it; limiting foods and drinks that we love isn’t fun and not always practical. If you can’t give up these foods and drinks, there are other ways to make sure you have a smile that is healthy and white. 
Going for cleanings can help to smooth the fine cracks in tooth enamel that leads to yellow tints in a patient’s smile. To change deep discolorations, Walnut Creek teeth whitening treatments are available to help patients maintain a glowing, healthy smile.