Dentist Walnut Creek Brush Maintenance

Walnut Creek Cosmetic Dentist on Taking Care of Your Brush

In order to maintain a healthy smile and prevent any dental damage from setting in, brushing your teeth twice daily at home is an essential step. To complete this process, of course, you will be needing a toothbrush. But what commonly goes overlooked, however, is taking care of that toothbrush during and after your routine to ensure further successful cleanings. Today your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist will be sharing some tips with you to help treat your brush right.


The first step is a basic one that we find most patients are doing already anyway. Something as simple as flushing the head of your toothbrush out before and after cleaning can do a world of wonders. By coupling hot water with some movement through the bristles via your thumb, you can be eliminating any lingering bacteria or particles on the brush before you place it into your mouth, or before you place it into the toothbrush holder.


As alluded to, an important follow-up step to pay attention to is storage of your toothbrush. Make sure that you keep your brush in an upright position with an ability for the head to air dry. The brush should not be making contact with any other brushes, nor any other surfaces. It is in this way that you can avoid any cross or re-contamination of your brush. Also, make sure to regularly wipe away and clean any of that leftover white residue that can accumulate on the holder and/or brushes over time. This residue can be where some bacteria reside, and must be eliminated accordingly.


Lastly, knowing when to say goodbye to your current brush is an important final detail and step to take. Every 3-4 months you should be replacing your brush for another. This is because, at this point, your bristles will see some damage from your daily brushings and thus potential for bacteria to hang around more easily becomes more likely. The separation may be hard, but it will be worth it in the long run.


By maintaining a daily oral health regimen and following the suggestions above, you can rest assured in knowing you are taking the proper steps towards a gorgeous smile.


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