Dentist Walnut Creek Causes of Cracked Teeth

Dentist in Walnut Creek Discusses Dental Cracks

Many people in America struggle with cracked teeth. There are a number of reasons this occurs and is normally easy to repair. Here’s what you wanted to know. 
Is the Tooth Cracked?
When we reference a cracked tooth, we are speaking of a tooth that either features a fracture or crack running through the tooth. 
Teeth that are older or have compromised integrity are more susceptible to cracks. This is even truer with fillings as the tooth is already in a weakened state. 
How Do Cracks Happen?
There are many reasons that cracks appear in teeth. One of the more common causes is from eating hard foods. The impact of the hard bite puts additional stress on the tooth which causes cracks to appear. In addition, decay, grinding of the teeth or clenching the jaw can bring cracks as well. 
Fixing the Cracks
When a tooth cracks, it irritates the pulp of the tooth. Your pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels that are sensitive to discomfort and pain. As you continue to bite on a cracked tooth, you release pressure into the pulp which leads to a sharp pain. If it is let go, the crack will lead to additional irritation and possible infection. 
Once you know the signs of a cracked tooth, you’ll be prepared to prevent further damage from occurring. Some symptoms include:
Sharp pain when biting
Sensitivity to heat and cold
Most cracks only cause a minor discomfort at first. As soon as you notice a symptom, you’ll want the dentist to check it out. Depending on where the crack is located and how severe it is will determine the proper course of action. 
Most often they can be repaired with a crown or filling. This creates a solid surface for the tooth and maintains the structural integrity of the existing tooth. If the crack is severe, there aren’t normally any other options other than a root canal or extraction. If the crack is caught early enough, you typically won’t have to go down that route. That’s why it is important to see your dentist right away at the first sign of symptoms. 
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