Dentist Walnut Creek Need a Crown? See CEREC!

See how CEREC, Your Dental Crowns in Walnut Creek CA can Improve Your Smile


Having a cavity can be no fun. No fun at all. But this is something a lot of people experience. They get a cavity, they get a filling. Another cavity, another filling. But what if the damage sustained is too large for a filling to fully repair? This is when your dentist will turn to a dental crown. This method of repair has been used for decades, intended to completely cover a tooth that has been severely damaged. Crowns have also been commonly used for many years to protect teeth that have needed root canal therapy, or to replace old, failing fillings.


Just because crown technology is time-tested does not mean that there isn't room for improvement. CEREC crowns are a prime example. This new way of making crowns can make a huge difference in the results of care. Here's how.


  • CEREC saves you time. The primary advantage patients notice about CEREC is that only one visit is necessary to complete the full restoration of a damaged tooth. In the traditional model, the process is much more involved. The tooth must be reduced, then captured in an impression, then fitted with a temporary crown; and that's just the first visit. Using the CEREC model for dental crowns, our Walnut Creek, CA patients bypass the hassle and second visit. But this is just one of several benefits.
  • CEREC restorations look natural. One of the "hidden" advantages of CEREC crowns is that they contain no metal. This means we can place them anywhere in the mouth and they will look just like a natural tooth. Because there is no metal in the CEREC crown, no dark line will develop at the gum line. Also, the ceramic from which these crowns are made mimics natural enamel in characteristics like sheen and translucency.
  • CEREC crowns last a long time. A major difference between CEREC crowns and traditional restoration is that these fixtures are bonded to the tooth, not cemented. This creates greater overall stability for the tooth, and is even said to strengthen it, not just protect it.


We enjoy using the latest, proven technologies to help our patients enjoy healthy, attractive smiles. For more information on our services, call 925-937-9017.