Dentist Walnut Creek Conquer Flossing

Walnut Creek Dental Implants Provider On Owning Your Flossing

The impact of flossing can be tremendous. By flossing daily you can be saving your mouth from the more “typical” dental detriments, like decay and gum disease, but also whole-body-health issues that can evolve from them, such as heart disease, structural damage and tooth loss.


As the top providers of dental implants in Walnut Creek, we often treat tooth loss patients who may not have been on top of their daily oral health regimen quite enough. And while, on average, about 50% of patients do not floss daily or regularly- the range of excuses why can be extravagant.


From the fact that flossing is “time-consuming” to “it’s difficult” or “I don’t know how…” we urge you to do so to save your original teeth and your smile.


In order to help defeat some of the excuses or answer some of your questions about flossing, today we have provided a list of tips and tricks for you to review. You can click here for that list.


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