Dentist Walnut Creek Benefits of a Cosmetic Dentist

Benefits of working with a quality cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek, CA


At Dental Care of Walnut Creek, patients in and around the community can enjoy quality, comprehensive services from a wide variety of providers. At our practice, patients enjoy treatment from Drs. Kain Yi, Max Greenfield, Karam Abdou, Howard Liu, and Richard Marasco.


A cosmetic dentist is a dentist with a focus on the aesthetics of the smile. Our team is dedicated to providing not only better dental health and wellness but in addressing cosmetic concerns our patients may have. This includes broken, stained, or misaligned teeth. Working with a cosmetic dentist is a huge advantage. Our team provides some of the following services to patients in the community:


  • Porcelain veneers – facings made from ceramic are a great way to cover up imperfections of the smile that may affect the anterior (front) teeth.
  • Teeth whitening – brightening the smile with bleaching systems provided by professionals is the most effective way of achieving desired results.
  • Metal free crowns – crowns made from porcelain are a great alternative to traditional metal restorations that stand out as a dental repair.
  • Metal free fillings – by avoiding silver amalgam fillings, dentists can not only provide safe restorations for patients but more aesthetic options as well.
  • Repair of chipped teeth – teeth that have been broken or chipped may benefit from the use of composite resin dental bonding which can repair the appearance and functionality.
  • CEREC restorations – our practice is excited to offer today’s technology to create same-day restorations from blocks of ceramic milled right in our office with 3D digital impressions.


Located at 1111 Civic Drive #145 in Walnut Creek, CA, our team is dedicated to helping patients address imperfections within the smile. Drs. Kain Yi, Max Greenfield, Karam Abdou, Howard Liu, and Richard Marasco are all available to assist patients with their decades of combined experience! If you are seeking a quality cosmetic dentist to repair the aesthetics of your smile, contact our practice today at (925) 937-9017 and schedule a consultation appointment. We welcome new and existing patients to Dental Care of Walnut Creek for an evaluation and to discuss appropriate treatment plans.