Dentist Walnut Creek Dangers of DIY Whitening

Walnut Creek Dentist on At-Home Teeth Whitening Dangers

We are at the point where at-home teeth whitening is no longer an unheard of practice. It was probably just about a few years ago that all of the gels, strips, and other kits for home use became most popular- but now they are commonplace. What, unfortunately, is less common, is hearing about the potential danger that usage, or over usage of these kits can cause.


Today your #1 provider of Walnut Creek teeth whitening services have taken it upon themselves to explain some of the possible dangers that exist in DIY teeth whitening.


To start, the difference between the whitening services we offer in office (or as a take home kit) and the ones you can buy in a store are almost night and day. We offer medically approved whitening bleach that can change the shade of your teeth in just a few minutes or hours. It is serious stuff that is handled by professionals for a reason. The solution you get from an in-store kit is massively less powerful, hence taking weeks to get a result, but still can do harm.


One of the big protective issues we address is the tissue surrounding the teeth. Have you ever dropped bleach on just some clothes? Not only can it change the color, but it also can impact the make-up as well. Without guarding the gums, as we do in office, this bleach from your at home can damage the gums, tongue, cheeks or any other area that it comes into contact with. You can apply the treatment as carefully as possible, but the hazard is still there- especially with constant re-exposure.


Secondly, our office (and many other professionals worldwide) have seen that the low price and ease of access to these in store kits can cause addictions. Yes, that’s right, you can become addicted to teeth whitening. Over exposure can, of course, end up eating away at the teeth and causing a whole other slew of problems. You should not be using these products more than twice a year overall.


If have noticed that you or a loved one may be seeking teeth whitening may be seeking treatments a little too frequently…perhaps talking to a mental health professional is in order.


To discover more information on the dangers of DIY whitening- contact your #1 provider of Walnut Creek teeth whitening services today at (925) 937-9017.