Dentist Walnut Creek Dealing with Oral Sores

Walnut Creek Cosmetic Dentist on Stopping Sores

Even though the mouth occupies a relatively small piece of real estate on the human body, it is just as susceptible to potential damage from both external and internal stimuli as the rest of us. Your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist spends plenty of time with patients on a daily basis restoring harm that has resulted in the form of scrapes, aches, cracks, sores and much more. Oral sores, in particular, can be hard to difficult to deal with, given their wide range of possibilities.


How wide is the range? Well here are some of the most common causes of oral sores- so you can see for yourself:


  • Irritating dental devices, like braces or dentures.
  • A broken tooth or filling.
  • Bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
  • Other diseases or disorders, including oral cancer.


So as we can see- everything from an ill-fitting appliance to oral cancer can start out looking relatively the same. It is the job of your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist to identify the difference and then help treat, or find treatment for them. It is your job, however, to make an appointment to come and see us sooner, rather than later, if any sore perseveres past a week or so. For more information on types of sores, as well as means of prevention, you can view the following online resource: MedicineNet.


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