Dentist Walnut Creek Dental Implant Advantages

Dental Implants Walnut Creek

Having a dental implant gives you many benefits not just for your teeth, but also to your overall oral health. Compared to other options, dental implants have more benefits to offer.


The following advantages should be enough to convince you why dental implants in Walnut Creek are the best procedure to choose when replacing missing teeth.


Have natural-looking, secure teeth

Dental implants are stable and natural looking as compared to dentures because, in implants, an artificial tooth is placed surgically tight above your jawbone, while dentures are just attached to your healthy teeth and are placed above your gums.


Last for a long time

Dental implants last for a long time or sometimes, for a lifetime, especially if you take good care of it. However, dentures can only last up to five or eight years, depending on how it is taken care of.


Can speak easily

Dentures may affect the way you talk, but if you have dental implants, it is like talking normally as if you never had the procedure.


Can protect healthy teeth

A non-implant procedure can damage your healthy teeth because the dentures are attached to it. On the other hand, dental implants treat missing teeth as deep as the jawbone right in the place where your missing tooth was without damaging the healthy teeth.


Doesn’t fall off  

You do not need to worry about your artificial teeth falling off since dental implants replace the missing teeth and their roots. Unlike dentures, implants are placed near your jawbone to secure the artificial teeth.


Can eat whatever you want

Dentures limit the choices of food that you can eat. This is due to chewing difficulty and discomfort. If you have dental implants, you can munch on whatever food that you want as long as the food is not very hard to chew. Hard food can also damage your healthy teeth.


If you have several teeth missing and they are apart from each other, dental implants in Walnut Creek are the best procedure to take.