Dentist Walnut Creek Fun Tongue Facts

Cosmetic Dentist Walnut Creek With Facts that Roll off the Tongue

When most patients call up the office of their cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek, it is because of an issue directly related to their teeth. And while we have no problem with that at all, we wanted all of our amazing patients to know that as oral health care professionals, we are concerned with the health of your entire mouth, not just the teeth!


From the gums to the cheeks to the subject of today’s blog, the tongue, we cover it all! We find that most people though they use their tongue on a daily basis to speak and eat, know surprisingly little about theirs. For that very reason, today we have provided the following tongue facts for you to check out:


-The average human tongue is 3 inches long. It is measured from the tip to a piece of cartilage at the back of the tongue, called the epiglottis. Men usually have longer tongues than a woman, at 3.3 inches compared to 3.1. The record for the longest tongue in the world, which doesn’t actually belong to Gene Simmons, is held by an American man with a tongue that is 3.1 inches!


-You have taste buds in places you didn’t even know! Sure, there is a majority on your tongue, but the back of your throat, inside your nose and at the top of the esophagus are all other places you have these taste-perception-sending cells.


-Your tongue is an amalgamation of different muscles- not just one! It has 8 different muscles altogether that intertwine and work together. It is also the only muscle that works away from the skeleton!


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