Dentist Walnut Creek History of Cosmetic Dentistry

Learn the History of Cosmetic Dentistry and how Far We’ve Come


Cosmetic dentistry has the ability to completely transform your smile and improve your dental and oral health. This branch of dentistry has made incredible strides and achievements for millions of people, giving patients an incredible smile in a short amount of time that they can afford. The available procedures and services have dramatically improved over the years, but cosmetic dentistry isn’t as new and modern as you may think! Below, your cosmetic dentistry in Walnut Creek CA will discuss this history and how far back it goes.


Even though there’s no real specific documentation of when cosmetic dentistry started, there are tons of instances where historians have found ancient civilizations that used certain materials and that helped improve their smile, whether it was replacement teeth or hand-made restoration tools that would straighten their teeth. Around 700 B.C., the Etruscans (the Ancient Romans) used to make dentures with ivory and bones. They also used the teeth for the dentures out of either human or animal teeth so they can improve their looks. The teeth that were used were taken from the dead or extracted by willing donors – unfortunately, these dentures certainly didn’t last very long and deteriorated fast.


Typically in these times, the reason that people wanted to improve the way their teeth looked was to give off the illusion that they’re rich or of a higher status than others. By 200 AD, the Etruscans were using gold to make other dental restorations like dental crowns and bridges. Sometimes they were used for fashion purposes, making a point of their wealth, but others were to correct their teeth. On the other hand, Ancient Egyptians were using seashells that they hammered into their gums as a replacement method. They also made toothpaste out of pumice stone and vinegar in order to get rid of any stains, while the Romans used a creation that contained urine since it contained ammonia and acted as a natural tooth-whitening agent that was widely used well into the 18th century.


Thankfully, we’ve come a very long way since then! There are safer, more effective and promising ways to improve the way your smile looks. If you’re interested in any of our available services, some of which include teeth whitening, crowns, veneers and more, contact your cosmetic dentistry in Walnut Creek CA by calling us today at (925) 937-9017.