Dentist Walnut Creek How long do porcelain teeth veneers last?

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A big question that most people, who have done a porcelain veneer treatment before, ask is how long will the veneer last. The good thing about porcelain veneers is that they are built to last long. The duration would depend on certain factors that affect its condition. Some of the factors include:


Food or Beverages Taken by the Patient


Although veneers generally don’t wear out because of certain foods or drinks that the patient takes, some consumables may make the veneer become dull. Some strong beverages like red wine or coffee make the veneer lose its “shine”. This all depends on how often the patient consumes these things though. If he or she takes them in moderation, there should be no problem.


Habits Affecting Teeth


Many people have habits that can badly affect the condition of their teeth. Some of these habits include nail biting, grinding of the teeth, and biting too hard when chewing. These habits may also affect the condition of veneers if constantly done repeatedly. For example, if you always grind your teeth, eventually the veneer will be out of shape.


Accidents That May Happen


Lastly, we’ve got accidents that may happen. If you accidentally bite down on something hard or fall and hit your jaw, then there is a big possibility that the teeth veneer will be damaged. When this happens, the veneer may actually break.


In general, dentists usually tell their patients that veneers can last up to ten years. If taken care of, these veneers may even last up to twenty years. However, if some factors like the ones mentioned above take place, then definitely the veneers wouldn’t last up to 10 years. The longevity of the veneers will all depend on how well you take care of them.