Dentist Walnut Creek How To Beat Bad Breath

Cosmetic Dentist in Walnut Creek on Halting Halitosis !

Your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek helps patients in solving their bad breath issues daily. And while the causes can range from something simple like spicy food to something more serious like gum disease, usually there is one particular way or another that can help in relieving the odor.


That is why today we have gathered information on some of the most common, efficient and natural ways that you can stop your bad breath in its tracks!


Quit Your Bad Habit(s)

By smoking tobacco products and/or drinking alcohol, you can not only be causing bad breath due to each of these products inherent odors but also due to another cause. Dehydration is one of the mouth’s worst enemies and is a direct cause of bad breath. These harmful habits can cause a reduction in saliva production, and dehydration of the mouth. Saliva has several oral health benefits, making it often called our “natural mouthwash,” and without it, the breath and mouth can suffer.


Change Up Your Diet

It is no secret that certain foods and drinks can alter your breath for the worse. HOW they do it, can sometimes be a little trickier of a concept, though. You may figure that foods like onions or garlic stay potent for so long because they linger on the tongue heavily. But for anyone who has scrubbed and scrubbed or chewed gum to relieve this stench- and found it not to be efficient, it is no surprise.


Foods and drinks like these and many others can become absorbed into the bloodstream very easily, meaning that they are not only making your tongue and teeth emit odor- but your lungs. Avoid these foods altogether or wait for them to pass through your system for permanent relief.


Brush and Floss Daily

The best way of keeping your breath fresh is to brush twice and floss once daily. Remove any lingering food or drink particles that can get stuck between the teeth and end up decaying by engaging in this regimen properly and thoroughly.


Even while following all of these above suggestions, make sure to keep twice yearly cleaning and exam appointments with your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek to ensure you breath is as fresh as can be!


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