Dentist Walnut Creek How You May be Damaging Teeth

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There are many ways that a patient can damage their teeth, sometimes without their knowledge! Some dental techniques are done because they’re believed to be helpful to your oral health, but these common mistakes are only putting a lot of work onto your teeth that they’re not properly prepared for. Here, your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist wants you to know about these situations where you may think you’re helping your teeth when you’re actually hurting them.


Flossing Techniques
Many patients unfortunately admit that they don’t floss nearly as much as they’re supposed to, if they floss at all! When you floss, you’re going that extra step for your oral health and removing any food particles or bacteria that is hidden in between your teeth. It’s recommended to floss after you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with either water or mouthwash so you’re ridding your mouth of any lingering bacteria and leaving you fresh!


Using a Hard Bristled Brush
There are many toothbrushes that advertise for the stronger types, claiming that they’re big, bulky, tough, and just the right kind of brush you need. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. When you use a toothbrush that has hard bristles, then you’re voluntarily damaging your teeth and your gums and you may not even know it. Your gums and the surface of your teeth are sensitive and need to be taken care of properly. When you brush, your teeth aren’t supposed to be in pain as you do so, and hard bristles can cause that pain.


Brushing Directly after Eating
Yes, brushing your teeth after each meal is ideal, but time is what’s important. Waiting at least an hour after you eat is highly recommended because then it gives times for the protective minerals to coat your teeth again. If you brush your teeth immediately after you’ve finished eating, then the toothpaste and the bristles will feel very abrasive in your mouth and can hurt. The mix of the acidity from your foods in direct, immediate contact with your toothpaste can cause a painful reaction in your mouth and it’s in your best interest to avoid that.


You may know of other dental techniques that you think is helping, but can possibly be hurting. If you want to discuss this, contact your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist by calling this number 925-937-9017 or requesting an appointment by clicking here today.