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Dental Implants Walnut Creek Location Discusses Your Oral Health with Missing Teeth


There are several reasons for a patient to lose a tooth, whether it is because of severe decay or a dental injury. Once this happens, many people are hesitant or insistent on replacing their missing tooth. If they’re older, then patients see no reason to permanently replace the missing tooth and choose to get dentures instead. Here, your dental implants Walnut Creek location is going to explain why it’s important to replace your missing teeth, no matter what.


Missing One Affects the Rest
Don’t think of your missing tooth as “just one tooth.” Your mouth is made to fit the right amount of teeth for its functions to be in tip-top shape. Having that gap can cause multiple dental issues, like direct pain to your gums, along with a higher risk of gum disease. On top of that, your teeth will slowly but surely shift and attempt to fill in the gap, since they’re supposed to be supporting each other. When your teeth shift, it affects your jaw bone, too.


Affects the Rest of Your Health
If you’re missing a tooth, then you may be changing your diet because of it. Depending on where the gap is, your gums can be directly affected by the foods and drinks you consume. Your gums are sensitive, especially where the root of your tooth should be. The difficulty eating the foods you used to enjoy will cause patients to ignore those foods altogether. Unfortunately, in doing this, you could be missing a lot of nutrients from your previous diet.


More Costly Over Time
While you’re waiting to think of reasons why you should schedule a consultation for dental implants, your oral health could be getting worse. The shifting has begun and continues to do so over time, along with any other damage because of foods and drinks. The longer you wait, the more damage that can be done to that gap, so the cost could boost if there are other issues that the dentist needs to take care of.


If you’re missing a tooth and want to know more reasons as to why you should get it replaced, contact your dental implants Walnut Creek location by calling this number 925-937-9017 or clicking here to request an appointment.