Dentist Walnut Creek Implant Maintenance Advice

Keep Your Dental Implants from Walnut Creek Healthy!

As the top provider of dental implants in Walnut Creek, we know firsthand about the effort and time it can take to properly and successfully place a dental implant. What has to be taken into consideration with regard to this procedure, however, is that the treatment doesn’t really just “end” when placement is complete. Certain maintenance related to dental implants, in particular, is required to make sure that this new tooth of yours lasts.


First of all, your at-home brushing and flossing regimen must be kept intact. Just as you would usually, use a soft bristle toothbrush and a tartar fighting toothpaste, perhaps one that includes fluoride in it. Adding a mouthwash to your routine may also help eliminate any lingering bacteria that could impact the site of the implant placement as well.


When it comes to your twice-yearly cleanings and exams? You may want to come into office a little more frequently at first. Every case is different, but typically in the first year after implant placement, we will recommend that we see you every 3 months instead of every 6 months. This extra cleaning, set of x-rays and exams will help us ensure the integrity of the implant, and if anything does arise, we catch it before it develops further.


Of course, just as your natural teeth- implants are susceptible to specific damage if not maintained. By not keeping up your at-home regimen, cleanings, and exams…even at the means of factors out of your control, serious problems can occur. Issues such as gum or bone loss, jaw structure damage and even complete loss of the implant have been seen and can result from a lack of proper maintenance.


With proper maintenance kept, dental implants from your Walnut Creek dentist have a 90%+ success rate. Stay on top of these previously mentioned factors to continue enjoying the most natural looking, and feeling the solution to tooth loss currently available.


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