Dentist Walnut Creek Implant Success Tips

Win Big With Dental Implants in Walnut Creek

The creation of a work of art is no easy task. And at Dental Care of Walnut Creek, your top provider of dental implants in Walnut Creek, transforming smiles is not only our profession…it is our passion, our art form as dentists. With that said, we wish you cherish your new natural-looking and feeling teeth as much as we do, and in order to preserve your new work of art smile, consider some of the following:


As we foreshadowed previously, one of the most important pieces of care advice we can give is to accept that these things take time. It is very rare that a great work is created in a very short amount of time and depending on several factors, your new teeth might as well.


Issues that could prolong your implant procedure from around 6 total months to 12 could be bone density or fragile surrounding tissues. If this is the case, pre-implant augmentation and strengthening of the area may be required, with a healing time of approximately 6 months that follows. These precautions will allow for the implant to set properly and not fail ultimately.


The implant could also be more susceptible to failure if the placement of the crown is rushed. While sometimes an “immediate restoration” can be performed, where the crown is set in the same day, it overall can drop the average success rate of the procedure by 10%. Make sure you, and your dentist alike, allow the implant to heal for the prescribed amount of time without any extra stressors.


Just as they would harm your natural teeth, extra stressors including smoking and a poor at-home regimen can be a detriment to your dental implants as well. Make sure to avoid these habits, especially during a healing phase, to see the best success rate possible.


Your top providers of cosmetic dental implants in Walnut Creek, amongst many other procedures, wish you to enjoy your new teeth and truly cherish them. For more information on the most natural new way to replace missing teeth, or to schedule an appointment in our Walnut Creek office, please call (925) 937-9017 today!