Dentist Walnut Creek Is Coffee Bad for Teeth?

Cosmetic Dentist in Walnut Creek Breaks Down Coffee

For many people, everywhere in the world, a morning cup of coffee is an essential part of their daily routines. But many of have heard or worry that coffee might be bad for our teeth. These days, coffee isn’t always just plain coffee. Some people think of a cup of coffee as a latte, espresso shot or other caffeinated beverage. 
The coffee drinkers in the room should be delighted to know that coffee, in general, is not bad for your teeth. It certainly does stain our teeth and as a result, it can cause them to appear a bit yellower in color.
Coffee does have some acidic properties, but it is still far less than carbonated sodas or fruit juices. The problem with coffee isn’t the coffee itself, its what people are putting into their coffee.
The Problem Isn’t the Coffee
The biggest factor as to why coffee affects our teeth is that we usually put sugar into it. Many popular coffee chains best sellers are coffee beverages that are loaded with sugar.
Typically, all the sugary goodness comes from your typical refined sugars, but many beverages also contain added chocolate, syrups or whipped cream. All of which, gives your body a huge sugar load to deal with but can easily be avoided.
Check the Sugar
Before buying any sort of drinks from a store, it is a good idea to look at the list of ingredients on the packaging. This will give you a good idea of how much sugar you are taking in and can help you find healthier alternatives.
The problem with sugar is that it can actually feed the bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities and other oral problems. Sugar is already sticky on its own and can easily get stuck to your teeth, but when you mix it with other creams and syrups, it makes it even easier for it to get stuck to your enamel.
We often don’t think about it while we’re sipping a comforting cup of coffee throughout the day, but the sugar in the coffee is the problem, not the coffee.
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