Dentist Walnut Creek Naturally Whitening Foods

Cosmetic Dentist in Walnut Creek With Whitening Foods

While a visit to your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek for a Zoom teeth-whitening session can be one of the most efficient means of achieving a brighter smile…there has to be some natural things you can do to help it too, right?


The answer is yes, absolutely. Today we will be reviewing a few foods in particular that you can add to your diet to help whiten your teeth naturally!


  • Strawberries: contain malic acid, which can whiten the enamel, the protective layer of the teeth, by removing surface stains.
  • Cheese: contains calcium, which helps make the teeth and the gums nice and strong. Also due to it's light pigment or a lack of one, it won’t stain the teeth like items such as tea, coffee, etc.
  • Apples: naturally can scrub the teeth due to their texture, but also can strengthen the gums and help in saliva production- which can wash away any staining bacteria/particles in the mouth.
  • Nuts and Seeds: more highly-textured foods that, when chewed, can scrub away at the surface of the teeth, reducing some light stains.
  • Broccoli: not only provide the mouth with a boost of vitamins and minerals, but the floret (the head) also can scrub the surface of the teeth, removing stains.
  • Carrots: like many of the items listed here contain a high water content that helps in producing saliva, thus reducing staining and harmful bacteria in the mouth.


Besides adding these items to your diet, make sure to avoid chronic usage of sugary or acidic foods and drinks, especially potentially staining ones like tea or coffee. Keep tobacco or alcohol usage to a minimum as well to keep your mouth in the best shape and teeth the whitest hue possible!


For more information on items, you can add to your diet to help naturally whiten your beautiful smile, call your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek today at (925) 937-9017 or Click Here to schedule an appointment.