Dentist Walnut Creek Patients Love Implants

Why Patients Love Dental Implants


Tooth replacement comes in several forms. Historically, this process focused only on the vital structures on top of the gums. Sure, it's very nice to feel good about how you look, and to have teeth that fill your smile and chew food. However, research has also uncovered some very real consequences of tooth loss that are not fully resolved with treatment like the dental bridge or denture. Many of the patients who visit our Walnut Creek office want to know more about dental implants. We understand why!


Dental implants in Walnut Creek are not tooth replacements, they are root replacement posts that gain stability in the jawbone. This stabilization leads to some noteworthy benefits, such as:


Preserve the health of healthy teeth


When a tooth has been lost due to "poor health" or injury, the last thing we really want to do is compromise the health of a healthy tooth. However, this is exactly what happens when a gap is closed by a dental bridge. This treatment protocol involves the modification of not just one healthy tooth, but two. These teeth hold the artificial tooth in place via dental crowns. Once they are modified, though, their structure cannot be reinstated.


Everyday life is better


When we have healthy, natural teeth, we never really have to think much about what we can and can't eat, in terms of comfort and chewing. We also don't have to put much effort into brushing and flossing, other than doing it (for two full minutes!) every day. Dental implant restorations are stable, so you can eat what you'd like. They are stable, so you can speak and laugh and smile without worrying that teeth may slide out of place.  They are fixed, so you don't have to put extra effort into oral hygiene. 


Quality of life is preserved


Tooth function, as well as appearance, is more natural with dental implant restorations, even full dentures. With fixtures that are fully supported, you enjoy comfort and full confidence. With dental implant treatment:


· No visible metal clasps are present.

· There is no need to remove fixtures for cleaning or adjustment.

· No messy adhesive is necessary.

· Eating habits improve right away.


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