Dentist Walnut Creek Preventing & Treating Cavities

The Importance of Preventing Cavities with Our Walnut Creek Dentist

Most individuals will experience a cavity at some point in their lives even if they take great care of their teeth. Cavities are formed by bacteria that wears down the enamel of your teeth and can continue to cause damage if you skip dental visits. At your regular appointments, your doctor or hygienist will check your teeth and inspect them individually to search for signs of a cavity. 
You may have heard from your parents or friends growing up that sweets can cause cavities, and this is essentially true. The type of bacteria that causes cavities and tooth decay feeds off of sugary debris left over once your consume sugary foods like candy and fruit. If you’re experiencing frequent cavities, take a look at the sugar content on some of your favorite foods. Many processed and low-fat products are filled with hidden sugars to improve taste. Even things like bread and milk can contain added sweeteners. Be mindful of how much sugar you’re consuming, and always brush thoroughly after an extra sweet meal! 
Treating Cavities
Depending on how early the cavity is discovered by your dentist, the treatment and details of the procedure can vary. The process essentially involves your dentist removing the part of the tooth that has been infected or worn away by bacteria and then filling it to prevent any further deterioration. The filling on top of the damaged area will leave your tooth looking healthy and strong. Patients normally don’t need any kind of sedation or anesthesia, as the treatment is quite simple and non-invasive depending on how advanced your cavity is. 
Cavity Prevention
One of the best ways to prevent cavities is regular, thorough brushing. For additional care, you can consider adding a cavity prevention mouthwash to your routine to remove any bacteria that you may have missed. Your hygienist can also give you a fluoride treatment during your cleaning that helps strengthen teeth, making them less susceptible to decay and breakdown. As mentioned earlier in the article, avoid eating and drinking sugary foods and drinks that can hurt your teeth. Not only will this keep your mouth healthy, but it can certainly make a noticeable impact on your overall health. 
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