Dentist Walnut Creek Snacking May Lead to Cavities

Walnut Creek Dentist Helps Protect Teeth from Cavities

Everybody loves to enjoy a tasty snack, but they often lead to cavities. Even when you’re careful about your dental hygiene, you might find yourself at the office of your Walnut Creek dentist having a cavity filled. Let’s take a look at what’s going on.
Snacks are Normally Starchy or Sugary
Most of the problem with snacking has to do with the ingredients involved. Sugary substances such as cookies, soda or candy contribute to the decay of your teeth. Bacteria feed on sugar and leads to acids that wear down your tooth enamel. This leaves your teeth unprotected and causes cavities to form.
Starchy snacks aren’t much better. The carbohydrates break down into simple sugars the moment they touch the mouth. On top of that, many of them already contain their own level of sugar, even if you don’t think they taste sweet.
Snacking Often
When you finish eating, acids in your mouth go crazy. They start to do damage and last for about twenty minutes until the saliva begins to neutralize them. This means that the more often you’re eating, the more susceptible you are to these twenty-minute attacks on your teeth. 
Snacks don’t just mean foods. Drinking things other than water impacts your oral health. This includes fruit juices, sports drinks, soda and energy drinks that contain significant amounts of sugar. This is no different than eating candy all day. 
Protecting Your Teeth
Protect your mouth from the negative results of snacking and give your teeth a boost. Start by reducing how often you snack throughout the day. Most people don’t snack because they are hungry, but more often because they are bored. If you don’t have snacks nearby, you’ll be less tempted to grab them throughout the day. If you find that you need to snack, pick a healthier mouth-friendly food like celery, carrots or nuts instead. It’s also vital that you drink plenty of water throughout your day. If you need further guidance, you’ll want to reach out to your Walnut Creek dentist for more tips and tricks. By avoiding snacks, your teeth have a better chance of preventing decay and disease.