Dentist Walnut Creek Stop Smoking- Save Your Smile

Walnut Creek Dentist Says "Stop Smoking"

As a top provider of dental implants in Walnut Creek, our office has seen a lot of patients lose their teeth as the result of a lifetime of smoking. And even though the numbers of people actually smoking seem to be dropping over the last few years, you still see the trend continuing to this day.


We feel that one of the reasons most smokers don’t quit is because they see immediate threats. Most smokers don’t get oral cancer or develop lung issues from 1 or 2 years of smoking- it can often take much more time than that. One place you CAN see immediate detriment from smoking is when it comes to oral health. Below we have provided two of those more immediate areas you can see an improvement in if you stop smoking.


Whiter teeth- tar and other ingredients in cigarettes can start staining the surface of your teeth rather immediately. If you stop smoking, it may be possible for your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist to remove that surface stain damage before it sets in permanently.


Fresher breath- most smokers find their own breath after smoking so unpleasant that they turn to gum or mouthwash to cover it up. We ask, why hide your breath with these items when it can be naturally fresh by quitting?


Don’t let your smoking habit result in tooth loss and the need for dental implants or worse. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist today for more information or to schedule an appointment by calling (925) 937-9017.