Dentist Walnut Creek The Importance of Sealants

Dentist in Walnut Creek Offers Sealants

Even if you follow a proper dental routine of brushing twice a day, and flossing in between the teeth, it is not always enough to protect all parts of your teeth. Teeth become susceptible to small cracks and indentations that allow for bacteria to enter and cause trouble for your oral cavity. Sealants are a great way to give your teeth some added protection from the natural wear and tear of daily eating.


What Are Sealants?


Sealants are plastic resins that harden and then bond to your teeth, fitting into the natural form and grooves on their surface. Once a tooth is sealed by you dentist in Walnut Creek, it becomes stronger and prevents the buildup of plaque along the teeth. As the surface is now smoother, brushing your teeth becomes easier. This coating is typically applied to the back portion of the teeth, the molars, where it is hardest for patients to brush.


Who Can Have Sealants?


They are typically applied to children who have had their adult teeth come in, but they can also be applied to adults who have healthy teeth. Your dentist will be the one to make the decision of when it is best to apply a sealant as each patient has unique needs.


How Long Do They Last?


Typically, they can last from three to five years, but there are those who received the procedure at a young age and still have maintained the original sealant into adulthood. With proper oral care, and regular visits to the dentist, they can last a long time.


It is important to talk to your dentist if you suspect your sealant has become cracked or has fallen off. Once this has happened, the effectiveness of the sealant is no more.


The Application Process:


·         Quick and painless process

·         Dentist cleans and dries mouth

·         Application of an acidic gel is applied

·         Gel roughs up texture of teeth to aid in bonding

·         After gel is applied, dentist rinses it off with water

·         Sealant is applied

·         Sealant is hardened with a special blue light.


Sealant is a great way to add extra protection to your teeth. Talk with your dentist today about providing sealant on your teeth or for someone in your family.