Dentist Walnut Creek What Do You Need to Look for in a Quality Cosmetic

What Do You Need to Look for in a Quality Cosmetic Dentist in Walnut Creek? 


Do you want to enhance your smile with cosmetic treatments? Keep in mind that not all cosmetic dentists provide the same quality of work. By taking the time to do your research, you’re far more likely to attain the smile you’ve been dreaming of.  


Keep reading to learn some qualities you need to look for to discover a quality cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek!  


Years of Experience 


Experience should be the first thing you look for when it comes to finding a quality dentist in Walnut Creek. You can typically learn about a dentist’s experience by navigating to their “about” page on their website. There, they should detail the schools they went to, how many years they’ve been practicing, and the professional organizations they’ve joined.  


The about section may even talk about their specializations and the type of dentistry they’re advocates of. For instance, Richard Marasco, DDS, is a strong advocate for preventative dentistry and developing custom treatment plans for his patients! 


Smile Gallery 


When it comes to cosmetic treatment, it’s important that you find a dentist that’s able to offer a smile gallery of before and after examples of their cosmetic work. This is often the only way you can decide whether you think their experience and work is right for you.  


For instance, if you’re interested in getting veneers, a photo of a previous patient with veneers can show you whether the dentist’s work looks natural and seamless.  


Positive Testimonials 


Last but not least, take time to read the cosmetic dentist’s testimonials! These can give you a good idea of whether the majority of patients had good experiences or poor ones.  


You’ll know that a testimonial is genuine if the person writing them leaves details about their visit, such as their experience with specific dentists.  


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