Dentist Walnut Creek What Invisalign Can Offer

Walnut Creek Invisalign Benefits for You

Alternative orthodontic methods such as Walnut Creek Invisalign are CLEARLY a great solution to straightening your teeth. Not only are they less visible than traditional braces, but they also offer many other benefits- some of which we will be discussing today:


Gum and Teeth Health:


While Invisalign may work similarly in achieving a goal like traditional braces, it can lead your mouth to being healthier overall. Invisalign retainers don’t “tug” at the teeth while realigning or allow for any harm due to sharp edges, bands or wires. Many times patients with metal braces will deal with some cuts or abrasions in the mouth due to their appliances, as well as pain from new adjustments. Invisalign is a much smoother, custom fit appliance that is adjusted incrementally and thus results in a healthier, and safer mouth.


Easier Cleaning:


If you, or anyone you know, has ever had traditional braces- you will know that food and other objects can get stuck in them quite easily. Not only can this make for an embarrassing moment for others to see, but it can also lead to some difficulty in cleaning between the wires and brackets. Invisalign is removable and is recommended to be not worn while eating or drinking, so there is no chance for objects to become lodged in the appliance. You can keep up with your regular at-home oral health regimen without any added specialty brushes or techniques being needed to get an amazing cleaning.


Besides the above, Invisalign also typically has a shorter time frame for treatment, running about 1-2 years instead of 2-3 years, and can even potentially stop teeth grinding at night if worn properly.


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