Dentist Walnut Creek What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentist Walnut Creek

Although a number of the treatments have been available for years now, cosmetic dentistry has come to the forefront of many practices more than ever recently.


And while most patients will have a basic understanding of what it is their cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek “does,” some of the definitions may get lost along the way. For that very reason, we are going to look a little more closely at what a cosmetic dentist does, what we focus on and more in today’s blog.


Generally, appearance and aesthetic value are the most important concerns for a cosmetic dentist. We achieve a greater look for a patient’s smile by providing procedures such as veneers, whitening, crowns- so on and so forth.


These practices change from the umbrella of “general dentistry” in the fact that they deal less with function and more strictly on that “look” factor. Now, that is not to say that there isn’t any crossover between these ideas, it just usually is not a primary focus.


For instance, sometimes if we give a patient a crown, sure it helps in appearance, but it can also improve the functionality of their bite. It is a win-win in these cases.


With that said, your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek is not tunnel-visioned when it comes to aesthetic either. They will never compromise your health or functionality for a better look. Your well-being is always first and foremost to us as doctors and professionals.


It is a creation of an enhanced well-being that is one of the main reasons so many dentists have taken on cosmetic treatments as well. We deeply and truly believe that by creating a better looking smile for a patient, we can change how they feel inside too. Whether you desire your smile to be whiter or straightened, you receive confidence, pride and true happiness with the end result- something no one can put a price tag on or replace.


No matter the boost you think your smile needs, let your cosmetic dentists in Walnut Creek help you attain one you are in love with and want to share with the world, today!


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