Dentist Walnut Creek Why are My Gums Bleeding?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA Discusses Importance of Addressing Bleeding Gums


We’ve all experienced this once or twice—when we brush our teeth, there may be a small amount of blood that we spit out into the sink. This can worry some patients while others simply ignore it, thinking that it’s no big deal. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you should ignore. If notice blood while you brush, this may be an early sign or a risk of gum disease. Below, your cosmetic dentistry in Walnut Creek CA provides reasons why your bleeding gums are something to worry about.


If your oral health is in good shape, there are still ways for your gums to bleed. One of the more popular reasons is aggressive brushing. Many patients think that the harder and faster that they brush, the cleaner their teeth will be. This is an easy way to irritate your gums, which are extremely sensitive, and cause bleeding. This can also occur if you have a brush with tough bristles.


The reason that blood occurs when you have gum disease is because of the high amount of inflammation. In the beginning, the first signs of an issue are tender and swollen gums or bleeding gums when you’re eating or brushing your teeth. This is called gingivitis. A majority of the time, gingivitis isn’t noticeable because there are no drastic symptoms that would warrant a dentist’s visit.


As gingivitis progresses without any treatment to get rid of it, it develops into periodontitis or gum disease. When gum disease occurs, this is an irreversible infection that can cause receding gums, tooth decay, and eventual tooth loss. This entire process can all be easily avoided if your oral hygiene is intact. Brushing and flossing twice a day will only take 10 minutes out of your morning and night, so it’s only a short amount of time of your day to protect your oral health from a lifetime worth of issues.


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