Dentist Walnut Creek Why You Should Avoid Caffeine

Cosmetic Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA Explains the Dangers of Overconsuming Caffeinated Drinks


Enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the morning is a necessary for a majority of adults—some people believe that they can’t even function for the rest of their day without it! When you’re a kid, adults would ensure you that coffee isn’t for children and that if you drink it, it’ll stunt your growth and keep you that size forever. Of course, this has since been proven to be false, but it brings up a new question—is coffee really that bad for children or was it a lie? Your cosmetic dentistry in Walnut Creek CA delves into the truth about coffee and other caffeinated drinks that kids tend to enjoy.


It’s no secret that kids need a large amount of nutrition to stay healthy and strong, but caffeine isn’t always the right choice. As they’re growing up, children should consume the right amount of protein and other nutritious foods and drinks. When they drink coffee, or other highly-caffeinated drinks like sodas, they become an appetite-suppressor, giving the illusion that the child is full when they’re just stuck with a large amount of caffeine. This can thoroughly mess up their recommended diet and lower their overall health.


Of course, we’re all aware of what caffeine can do to your smile. A large majority of children consume caffeine on a daily basis, most of those being soft drinks like sodas, fruit juices, and energy drinks. In these drinks, there’s a high amount of caffeine and sugar, which contributes to acidic dental damage. Children are much more vulnerable to these drinks than adults are, speeding up the possibility of cavities and tooth decay.


Caffeinated and acidic beverages weakens the enamel (the protective surface of your teeth), no matter what age you are, but since children’s teeth are still in the process of growing and strengthening, they’re more likely to suffer from the negative side effects of these drinks. It’s best to keep children away from these drinks as much as possible!


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